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Thread: Inquiry regarding Gem Dispensers making a comeback

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    Lightbulb Inquiry regarding Gem Dispensers making a comeback

    Good day Storm8,

    This thread is to suggest the designer or the content release coordinator to do an One and Only Bakery Story Anniversary Sale Event this Black Friday/ Christmas SALE where they offered this Classic item - Gem Dispenser and along with many others (IE. Magic Appliances, 2010-2017 Decorations etc.) for SALE.

    The game has been around, that I know of, for at least 13 years. That is a lot of goals, a lot of weekly updates, side goals, appliances, tables, chairs, and A LOT of decorations; not to mention things like wallpapers and wall decorations.
    As we receive new goals, there will still be things that new players miss out from time to time and even with these Anniversary Sale it might still be a long shot for someone to be able to afford and pick up the items they really want. There will always be a continuous markets in terms of players investment on decoration no matter what. We're spending hundreds and thousands of dollars to be able to afford these items, so for the sake of rewarding your devoted players and company's profit please consider implementing this sale and feature.

    Please take this into true consideration that it would be Fair for new players to have a chance on getting this classic item (which some players actually had this items in their bakeries as we speak from previous sale), that would mean the world to big customer like us that still support Storm8 up until this days, which we would love to advertise this game with positive feedback that Storm8 actually care for their customer's needs & interest, which will eventually reel in more players and more revenue in the long run.

    Thank you so much and again for all the Storm8 staffs who paid their utmost attention on this.

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    I couldn’t figure out how to answer your PM so I saw you’d posted here and decided to respond to your current post.

    I completely understand that giving away goodies could necessarily detract from Storm8 profits. I am reasonable. I was thinking they could limit the number you could buy, but I digress…

    I honestly don’t foresee them having another sale on them, Or offering them at all really. And because a lot of the new players also get 10 free gems a day, I further doubt it. So that leaves us pushovers to finance the game for others. lol! Funny, not funny.

    Honestly, I thought I’d just throw it out there. I don’t actually expect it will happen. But you know what they say?…You never know until you ask, and the worst they can do is tell us to pound sand. ��

    Anyway, good luck, and hopefully, one day, they’ll have a change of heart. I’m not holding my breath though. :-P

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