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Thread: Food disappearing

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    Food disappearing

    I had run low on food, so I closed my restaurant and have been cooking loads of dishes so that I can open again without getting angry customers. But after a week of cooking, I have barely any food to show for it, there are maybe 9 or 10 dishes on my counters.

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    Food still sells even if you close your doors or remove them completely. It's the games mechanics and it causes too many issues. I haven't played the food related games for a while now, but still read everything from this forum and Bakery and if you blocked your doors, it does not mean you can stockpile food to then open at a later stage. There are other strategies you can try I'm sure! Head over to the game discussion forum and look through the more recent threads. If you can't find what you're looking for, the HELP ME thread is a great place to start rather than creating a new thread as this question has been asked loads of times. Good luck!

    Help me thread:

    This thread will be closed once we know you've seen the replies given it is not a bug.

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    I used to be able to close down my restaurant by blocking the door..but now ALL MY FOOD DISAPPEARED..BUT THERE WERE NO CUSTOMERS NOW I HAVE TO START OVER TRYING TO FILL ALL MY COUNTERS🙄😩😫

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEEZIE123 View Post
    I used to be able to close down my restaurant by blocking the door..but now ALL MY FOOD DISAPPEARED..BUT THERE WERE NO CUSTOMERS NOW I HAVE TO START OVER TRYING TO FILL ALL MY COUNTERS������
    This isn't a bug but the way the game is programmed. The game isn't programmed for us to be able to 'close' business so blocking the doors is not advised. Doing so, as you found out, can result in a "Quick Sale." While it won't happen every time you block the doors, every time you do it, you do run the risk of it happening.

    The game is programmed with the understanding that customers are constantly entering and exiting your restaurant. When you block the doors, the game still operates under the impression that the customers are entering as usual even though you're not seeing them do so. This means that the whole time you're adding food to the counter, the game is calculating sales in the background based on the established customer programming. Then, when you unblock the doors the game realizes the amount of food on the counters doesn't match with the number of sales it calculated and will catch up to itself by removing all the food from those invisible sales that happened while the doors were locked. Sometimes this will mean that all your food disappears in an instant and is what we refer to as a quick sale. Other times, if the doors weren't blocked for very long, only a bit of the food will be sold instantly so most don't realize it happens.

    The only downside to having no food on your counters is that your heart rating goes down. In reality, heart rating has no bearing on your game play; it doesn't alter how many coins you make or points earned or anything. As far as I understand it, the heart rating is just a way to let us know when we're not currently making coins. And even if you get down to the minimum hearts, the ratings will refill within a minute or so once you do get food out so it's a very temporary issue.

    Of course, it's up to each player to decide on how to play but, personally, I'd rather have no hearts than no food

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