View Poll Results: How Could the 5-Day Goals Be Made Better?

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  • More Time on the Goal (longer than 5 days)

    6 18.75%
  • Lowered Recipe Quantity Requirements (less cooking of recipes needed)

    24 75.00%
  • Different selection of required recipes (not always waffles/quiche/breakfast, etc).

    15 46.88%
  • Only Basic Appliance Recipes Required - No Drink Machine Recipes

    8 25.00%
  • Better Stats on New Recipes (ex. more profit or servings)

    18 56.25%
  • Fewer Goal Steps

    3 9.38%
  • Better Rewards (ex. large box prizes)

    21 65.63%
  • Ability to Buy Multiples of Reward in the Market

    16 50.00%
  • New Recipes being Unlocked by Default

    8 25.00%
  • Recipes added to basic appliances, not specialty appliances

    10 31.25%
  • One specifically-designated appliance for all new 5-day goal recipes

    8 25.00%
  • No Change Needed - I like them as they are

    0 0%
  • Other (please comment in thread!)

    1 3.13%
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Thread: How Could the 5-Day Goals Be Made Better?

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    I was already struggling with goal fatigue and this last 5 day goal was crazy (11/24/23). In 5 days, we had to cook 16 hr recipes in step 2, a 2 day recipe in step 3 and a 1 day recipe in step 4. And all of those recipes on the drink machine with other items also needed on them. Even without the snafu of originally requiring 25 2 day items, it was a pretty tall order. I do realize I don’t have to participate in all goals, and I have been skipping some lately. But to have 14 day goals running back to back along with side goals and two 5 day goals all at the same time is a bit crazy. And it seems they just keep upping the requirements more and more. Go back to the 5 day goals in between 14 day goals.

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    Do the math

    Please consider if a goal can reasonably be accomplished in the given time frame based on the 18 appliance spots. This last 5 day goal (11/24/23) could not. And even when the first error on Step 3 which required 25 cooks of a 2 day recipe was fixed, no correction was made to Step 4 that required 5 one day, 25 nine hour, 25 three hour, and 15 eight hour cooks on the same appliance!
    I can understand making a mistake, but more and more often it seems like the person setting the goals is not doing the math to see if they are reasonable. Please set a policy that each goal is mathematically checked to see if it can be accomplished within the goal time frame based on a set number of appliance spots. At most 18, but since most people are playing alongside the 14 day goal 10-12 would be more realistic.
    I would think as programmers it would not take much to create a formula/ program that would quickly tell you if a goal meets set standards or not based on the parameters of this game.
    Thank you.

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