View Poll Results: How Could the 5-Day Goals Be Made Better?

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  • More Time on the Goal (longer than 5 days)

    7 20.00%
  • Lowered Recipe Quantity Requirements (less cooking of recipes needed)

    27 77.14%
  • Different selection of required recipes (not always waffles/quiche/breakfast, etc).

    16 45.71%
  • Only Basic Appliance Recipes Required - No Drink Machine Recipes

    9 25.71%
  • Better Stats on New Recipes (ex. more profit or servings)

    19 54.29%
  • Fewer Goal Steps

    4 11.43%
  • Better Rewards (ex. large box prizes)

    23 65.71%
  • Ability to Buy Multiples of Reward in the Market

    17 48.57%
  • New Recipes being Unlocked by Default

    9 25.71%
  • Recipes added to basic appliances, not specialty appliances

    12 34.29%
  • One specifically-designated appliance for all new 5-day goal recipes

    9 25.71%
  • No Change Needed - I like them as they are

    0 0%
  • Other (please comment in thread!)

    2 5.71%
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Thread: How Could the 5-Day Goals Be Made Better?

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    I was already struggling with goal fatigue and this last 5 day goal was crazy (11/24/23). In 5 days, we had to cook 16 hr recipes in step 2, a 2 day recipe in step 3 and a 1 day recipe in step 4. And all of those recipes on the drink machine with other items also needed on them. Even without the snafu of originally requiring 25 2 day items, it was a pretty tall order. I do realize I don’t have to participate in all goals, and I have been skipping some lately. But to have 14 day goals running back to back along with side goals and two 5 day goals all at the same time is a bit crazy. And it seems they just keep upping the requirements more and more. Go back to the 5 day goals in between 14 day goals.

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    Do the math

    Please consider if a goal can reasonably be accomplished in the given time frame based on the 18 appliance spots. This last 5 day goal (11/24/23) could not. And even when the first error on Step 3 which required 25 cooks of a 2 day recipe was fixed, no correction was made to Step 4 that required 5 one day, 25 nine hour, 25 three hour, and 15 eight hour cooks on the same appliance!
    I can understand making a mistake, but more and more often it seems like the person setting the goals is not doing the math to see if they are reasonable. Please set a policy that each goal is mathematically checked to see if it can be accomplished within the goal time frame based on a set number of appliance spots. At most 18, but since most people are playing alongside the 14 day goal 10-12 would be more realistic.
    I would think as programmers it would not take much to create a formula/ program that would quickly tell you if a goal meets set standards or not based on the parameters of this game.
    Thank you.

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    I used to be a 99 player back in 2011 and I loved restaurant and bakery and spent lots of money on gems, now I have returned and had to start again and what on earth has happened since I was away? I am level 40 and still struggling to do the latest 5 day challenge. Whoever is setting these goals needs to be retrained because honestly, I am giving up with goals now and then what enjoyment is there left? I know you are different owners and are obviously profit focused but you won't make a profit if everyone keeps leaving the game. Sell the game to someone who will care about it. I don't mind spending money on gems but I won't spend if I don't enjoy it in the first place. 2 day chickens twice in a 5 day challenge is ridiculous put the fun back into the Game!

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    I think 5 days goal should be longer.
    They cost way to much coins, that makes it also almost impossible to finish.
    The time here is too short. The cost of cooking is way to expensive, plus the amount of meals served is to many.
    5 days goals are totaly not balanced well.
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    The 5 day goal has gotten ridiculous! We should never have a 2 day recipe and we should only have 1 step that has 16-22 hour recipes. Also the quantity for the longer recipes need to be smaller, 3 or 4 servings of the longer recipes. Today?s 5 day goal is horrible with 1 step having 8 of the 2 day recipe and another step has 8 of the 16 hour recipe. Players are trying to achieve multiple goals at the same time and we have limited appliance slots. I personally would want the longer time recipes in the later steps rather than the beginning. I also really miss how the goals had the same recipes every time so I could plan my cooking. My main complaint though is the recipes you are picking have way too long cooking times and also too many servings required. Please adjust this in the future. Thank you

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