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Thread: Castle Story 06/08: Adventures in Thickethelm | storybook info on page 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmrl View Post
    Chapter 2. These are from memory only!
    Goal 1. Buy Winniford’s Fort
    Goal 2. Buy Blue Balloons and collect from them 12 times
    Goal 3. Collect from Cauldron 2 times
    Goal 4. Upgrade Winniford’s Fort to Lv. 2
    Would you have chapter 3 by any chance? Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonecast1935 View Post
    Would you have chapter 3 by any chance? Thank you!
    Not there yet! Sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmrl View Post
    Not there yet! Sorry
    Hehe no worries, thanks for responding though! I’m on chapter 3 now. My finger was just itching to collect from Ivy’s hut to get those herbs. Anyway here it is so far 3/5
    Visit 15 realms
    Defeat 6 beeholders, spawned from farm house.
    3 Adventures
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ooh the Realm Master event this time rewards 5 seeker’s coin, so worth it to also play this one as its collection yield event points

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    Quote Originally Posted by SofiaDeo View Post
    Actually, we can't opt out. We still spawn Madam Makeda monsters whether we want to or not when collecting, and event monster spawns often occur and items accumulate in our inventory, whether we purchase the initial event building or not. Storybook events autostart, you are in them whether you want to or not, and useless unwanted event items drop.
    I don?t know what I?m doing right here, but I?m not spawning any Makeda Monsters. I didn?t buy into that event line with her trade wagon?.maybe you can sell the Makeda trade wagon if you don?t want to play that event. Will that shut off the goblins? Don?t know?

    Anyway, I?ve parked some of the aspects of the game because they are not what I?m interested in?I suspect that each is tailored to different gaming appetites.

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    To really avoid MM party any other monster while collecting from buildings not related to the current storybook or the trial of virtues. Parking a monster (any kind) is a strategy that I use to avoid the prevalence of skunks, fangs and boars (mostly I use the troll sparring pit, which I have in an area in the corner of my board. However during events I park an event monster during play until they are needed, like in houses with this events bees. It’s also a good thing if you’re opting out of an event. Storybooks auto start but you don’t need to do any of the steps at any time, and that event will go no further. Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stonecast1935 View Post
    Btw, do we know if Ivy?s hut is needed yet, and when? Thanks!
    I am on Chapter 8, and no sign of Ivy.

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    Here's the link to the last Storybook for cues for upcoming days.

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    Did someone buy the Red Balloon?
    Castle Story "Tome of Knowledge", visit for: Interactive Map, Inventory Cards, Detailed Inventory, and more...

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    Chapter 3. Visit 15 community kingdoms. Defeat 6 Beeholders at farmhouses

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