I noticed that I make fewer coins as before in bakery story.
The prices for the dishes to cook became too expensive, my food is just getting cramped and I make hardly an income.
Was this a result from the new upgrade, or why do I make now so much fewer coins than before?
This involves bakery story, fashion story, and restaurant story, so I don't think I'm imaging things, and i don't think it's not on purpose that we make now less coins for selling our foods.
This way it just became impossible, to even try finishing any goals.
Time is too short, and if you are lacking coins to cook, it becomes impossible to have a fair chance to finish those goals in time,
If someone else is having this issues, please write it here too.
And no I will not go back too only to cook food that give lots of coins, the goals should be adapted, so they are not eating up all of our coins.