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I don't blame you. The end prizes aren't anything much anyway.
I can't believe how some people on the leaderboard have raced away. What, for 5 seeker coins?

I'm with you on that. I can't believe we're expected to give away our hard-earned resources for these trinkets.

50,000 Coins? I get more than that in a single collection from droppers around my queendom.

10 points of energy? They've got to be kidding! Unless it's 10 minutes of unlimited energy (actually, 9 minutes since it takes the game 30 seconds to more than a minute to recognize that you have unlimited energy and activate it for your use), and even that is a small amount.

5 Seeker's Coins? Wow! I'm set for life!

The #1 spot on my leaderboard has over 8,000 points. I hope the player knows what the Top Prize is.

Note to S8 - These prizes cost S8 NOTHING, and you only give the Top Prize out to a small handful of players. Why not make the prize something worth competing for?