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Thread: Update Needed to Place Animals and Habitats In Storage

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    Update Needed to Place Animals and Habitats In Storage

    I have been playing FFS for far too long, almost the very beginning of when it came out. I was there for the first Battle Arena Tournament. I was there when Gem animals were breedable. I was there when they gave you habitats for free. (Yes, they did that!) And now, I am still here playing a limited amount because...well, what can I do when I've long since maxed out on expendable space and habitats can only hold so many animals.

    I have a simple suggestion, one that's been said countless times, and I would like others to add to this discussion to hopefully help S8 see a need for this.


    Simple. In and out. No more complaining about space (unless you want all the animals out at once but like, good luck) No more need to add expansions. Just beautiful forests we can actually put decorations or our Leaderboard trophies in!

    I love my animals. I know you all love your animals. Please S8, it's a simple request. ❤️

    PS I would spend more money on this game if I could actually do something with my forest ��
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