I too can’t seem to win a creature now that the wheels have been changed. The habitats are nice, but I’ve been having FUN spinning the wheel everyday because I could EVENTUALLY WIN the creatures on the wheel. All of a sudden, 2 are offered, but I they are 2 that I don’t already have, so I was more excited to win them. No dice - not either of the past two weeks when the spaces were expanded to include several spaces with items worth nothing, as others have mentioned. It’s starting to affect my motivation to log in to make sure and take my spins for the day. It just means disappointment, if anyone is listening. Just based on the odds, I SHOULD land on each space at least ONCE, as long as the wheel isn’t rigged. However, landing on the same space for 6 of the 8 free spins I get for watching “ads” is just one of the main reasons things certainly seem to have changed, sadly. I became far more active spending money to buy things and tending to my FFStory when the spinning started, more than a year ago. Please listen to your customers here and fix the issues with the recent wheel changes. Thanks all.