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Thread: Bakery Story: Spring/Summer 2023 Sale Suggestion Thread

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    Bakery Story: Spring/Summer 2023 Sale Suggestion Thread

    Hello Bakers!

    The weather's warming up! Going into spring and summer, what items would you like to see on sale in Bakery Story?

    Whether it's furniture items; older decorations; box prizes; or discounts on boxes/existing items/expansions, please post below what you'd like to see. You're also welcome to make suggestions for U-Decorations and Echo Appliances!

    Note: as of this posting, Bakery Story is seeing weekly sales of U-Decorations and/or Echo Appliances from prior goals, so if there's a goal set you missed that you would like to get the prizes for, feel free to link to that goal as well

    Pictures of items are highly encouraged. How to Post a Photo to the Forums

    Note: this thread is for existing items in the game only. If there's something new you'd like to see come to Bakery Story, please post your ideas in the Theme Suggestions thread. Please also note that while suggestions will be taken into account, it is ultimately at the Storm8 Staff's discretion as to what actually comes on sale at the time the sale(s) go(es) live.
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    Palace Stove please! It’s Ramadan currently and Eid in 2 weeks’ time! Can it be released as an Echo Eid sale please - that would be amazing! Thank you! Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2554F888-4CE3-4E63-A479-09869374B416.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Writer At Work.png 
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ID:	68643Writer At Work
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Flower Path .png 
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ID:	68644Flower Path
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Name:	Garden Pavilion .jpeg 
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ID:	68645Garden Pavilion
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Name:	Macaron Counter.jpg 
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ID:	68646Macaron Counter
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Name:	Eclair Display.jpg 
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ID:	69797Eclair Station
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    ***List was updated since last SALE***

    -Magic Drink Machine, Magic Oven, Mighty Appliances Sale

    Camera Man; Ticket Booth; Movie Crowd

    Blindfolded Kid, Stick Kid

    -Farmer's Saleswoman, Tall Torch, Hawaiian Greeter, Food Scientist

    NYE Waiter; NYE Waitress

    -Lodge Door

    Snowy Door

    -Sugar Cube Chair

    -Wooden Steps, Lodge Fireplace

    Mother Gazebo

    Garden Glow

    Ticket Booth from the Movie Theater Set

    **Please bring back the Movie Theater "Ticket Booth" as U-items for sale if possible**

    Hanging Hammocks, Shore Nap, Comfy Corner, Boardwalk Ball

    Right side: Art Deco Fireside Tea

    Getting Off the Ride, Coaster Car, Ticket Booth

    -Book Nook
    -Book Browser
    -Book Nook Activity
    -Novice Baker
    -Barista Italiano
    -Gelato Stand
    -Coffee Shop*
    -Coffee Bean Display
    -Fruit Baskets
    -Potted Palm Tree
    -Teacup Fountain
    -Tree Stump Planter
    -Kids Sync
    -Farmer's Saleswoman
    -Farmer's Bread Stand
    -Coffee Break
    -Herb Garden

    Autumn Firepit Will be nice as a 5 Days Goal Prize

    Blossom Wedding, Blossom Archway

    The Proposal, Tree of Love, Send Off Square, Garden Tea Party

    Fairy Kitchen; Gentled Slide, Welcoming Spring, Springtime Watch

    Lotus Fountain, Pampered Photoshoot Will be nice as 5 Days Goal Prizes

    Dream Stairs, Late Reader, Teddy Meetup

    Cute Tent, Forest Band, Warm Fire

    Hot Stone Oven, Arepa Abuela, Medellin Flower; please also include Arepa Oven & Colombian Coffee Machine as U-Appliances
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Ivy Grown Oven, Flower Bloom Oven, Floral Fountain, Floral Oven, Floral Stove & Electric Kettle back please!!!!!!

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	672C5772-FE45-48CC-8E08-E905D054391C.jpeg 
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ID:	68661
    1.Magic drink machine
    2.Musical drink machine
    3.Snack cooler - stove

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    Jazz drummer and Standing bassist
    Engine block stove
    Prankster Oven
    Laughter Oven

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    Artsy icebox
    Summer icebox
    Truffle chair
    Candy jar crate

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    P e t a l t r e e p l e a s e

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    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	203024AB-AA03-4750-B1DC-4D3717AAF424_1_105_c.jpg 
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Name:	BF1B2D68-F6D0-4845-A287-B30269CD6839_1_105_c.jpg 
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