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Thread: Bakery Story: ADD ME / Apr-June 2023

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    Mass gift Basic Parts or Cappuccino only, silent tip, gift, and accept parts req daily.


    If your style of play too, feel free to add me 🙂

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    Hello everyone! I'm looking for new neighbors, if our play styles seem to match, please send me a request!
    + I'm lvl 85, 3 stars, goal player, I log on multiple times a day.
    1). I frequently play goals
    2). I gift daily. This includes food, goal parts, or basic parts. I update my wall and all my neighbors walls 2 or 3 times a week on what gifts I need. I expect my neighbors to do the same if they want to receive any specific gifts. I do not check each individual neighbor's wall every day. If you do not tell me your gift preference I will just gift you food or basic parts.
    - Neighbors that frequently send incorrect gifts will be removed.
    3). Reset is at 2AM for me, and I gift during the daytime, mostly in the mornings. I gift daily, so not receiving a gift from me means that your gifts are full.
    4). I tip all my neighbors at least twice a week. Tipping is not a priority for me, so if you don't tip/rarely tip, that is fine.
    Please do not send a request if you don't gift every day.
    ID: peas2001

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    Jan 2022
    Hi! I'm a very active player looking for new neighbors.

    - I do NOT tip or gift regularly, I will not expect you to do so, and I don't care about stars
    - I respond to requests whenever I see them
    - mainly looking for neighbors so I can get goal parts faster

    ID is lacedoily if you are interested

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    Jun 2023
    My?t?r???? M???5???
    Please add me rainbwoaheclipse if you would like to add

    Even though I have just started on this account, I have a lvl 70-80 account I play on so I do know about gifting and accepting requests and stuff. If you wanted to add on my other account but I declined your request there, feel free to add me!

    Rainbow Cloud is the name of this account, ty for reading!

    The rainbow is here with you, everything will be alright in the end

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    No longer adding neighbors.
    Last edited by ammmber85; 06-15-23 at 10:45 PM. Reason: No longer adding neighbors

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    Hello Everyone, I'm Wicca Level 88 looking for Player's. Ones that do Post on Walls
    No SILENT TIPPERS Please 3&4☆ Player's. I've been playing since 2012, had a Bakery before this one; lost it because of getting a new phone
    My ID: fancyrosetip57
    Tysvm Wicca bb

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    Jun 2023
    Hi, looking for more lovely neighbours. I gift and accept requests whether it’s for goals or not.
    ID: Oldweb2

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    Add me please my ID is sihabon555 I tip and gift daily!
    Please also add my daughter who also tips and gifts daily! Her ID is lacey090
    Thank you 💖

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    I am always accepting new neighbors. My ID is LaChulaJenn
    I am on level 99. I do my best to gift every day. I try to tip but cannot always get to everyone.

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