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Thread: Jogging Rabbit County Fair - 2023 March 29

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    Jogging Rabbit County Fair - 2023 March 29

    A County Fair!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Final preparations prior to event

    How to Play?

    Getting Started
    This is a 10 days event. Day 1 starts when you click start. Subsequent days start at game reset time, midnight California time. Complete all 10 days to win the Grand Prize.

    Event Prizes
    Your event prizes may vary according to farm levels.

    Day 1 - Bunny Topiary - Finish for 60 gems - unlock next day for 10 gems
    Day 2 - 3000 Coins - Finish for 120 gems - unlock next day for 15 gems
    Day 3 - Cannery Shelves - Finish for 180 gems - unlock next day 25 gems
    Day 4 - Jed's Baseball Diamond - Finish for 240 gems - unlock next day 40 gems
    Day 5 - Screws - Finish now 300 gems - unlock next day 60 gems
    Day 6 - Truck Garden - Finish now 360 gems - unlock next day 85 gems
    Day 7 - Pet Food - Finish now 420 gems - unlock next day 100 gems
    Day 8 - Refreshment Table - Finish now 480 gems - unlock next day 100 gems
    Day 9 - Cheerleader Pup - Finish now 540 gems - unlock next day for 100 gems
    Day 10 - Jogging Rabbit - Finish now 600 gems
    Note: Your event prizes can be found in your cellar upon completion of each goal day.

    How To Play
    1. Fill orders each day to earn prizes.
    2. Orders with more Healthy Kale give more progress!
    3. New orders and prizes unlock each day.

    4. Before you submit your last order for the day, ensure that your new orders for the next day are doable. Refresh it till you get a doable order or an order with higher value (to hasten your progress for the next day). Once you submit your last order for the day, your orders screen is locked and you can't refresh until the new event day starts.


    Quote Originally Posted by ExcalS8 View Post
    No, the Boost only serves to provide periodic progress in the County Fair. It will not be delivered as a permanent decoration after the event is over.
    5. Using gems to speed through the days doesn't help if you speed up a few days in between. Unless you speed through all days, the game will force you back to the original 10 days schedule. So either speed through all event days to the completion of your Day 10 or not at all. The last few days, usually the last 2 days, will be the more challenging days. Thus if you want to speed, its best you do so then.
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