They would totally need to sort out the gifting tab too.

At the moment the gameplay seems to be designed to get you coming back as often as possible throughout the day so that you see more adverts. It is also geared towards the gems and getting you to buy, earn and spend those.

But I was wondering, I?d quite like it if there was a subscription for about ?5 a month with the following features:
- sorts out the gifting tab - honestly this is number one for me, it?s ridiculous, but short of *******ing the game, it doesn?t look like it?s going to be changed anytime soon.
- removes all ads, including ads and goals for other S8 games
- pays you 50 gems upfront and 50 gems each month after your subscription renews
- allows you to receive 25/30 gifts and the same part requests per day.

Those things would make the game much more enjoyable and I think I?d be happy to pay for a more enjoyable and slightly easier gaming experience. As you can see from the ?I want to quit due to impossible goals? thread a LOT of players are no longer enjoying the game as much as they used to. But I wonder if a subscription model might work better to monetise the game in a more obvious fashion.