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Thread: Hanging with My Gnomies Event - 2023 March 8

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    I am extremely disappointed with how the goal drops are set up for the players. There is no way for me to complete this goal. I have been on STEP 11 for the last four days and have only received only 2 PIG Stickers. I will make one last COW WASH hoping to get another sticker. What's the point of playing the game if you are set up to FAIL???

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    38 turn ins. No spring gnome. Also, no money paid. Pluses and minuses. Thank you Storm 8 for the cute decorations.

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    I have to say this is the first time in a bit that Ive been this active like I am now... am actually participating, enjoying, and loving some aspects to this specific event. For one, and obviously, the flytrap, but not just that. I like certain decors from this event as well.

    The paths, which are nice and definitely welcomed. Haven't had those offered in an event for some time now. More of those offers please.

    The Mushroom Gnomie, which would go well in a mushroom themed area. Like where my Venomous Flytraps are.

    The Gnomie Birdbath looks nice, may have an area for that. Not sure yet. Still nice and beautiful in any case.

    As well as the Gnomie Planter, which definitely goes well with the Stone Paths bought from the market on IOS platforms.

    And it goes without saying, the Gnome Flytrap. Love that. It's an interesting combination and I love that a flytrap was able to correlate to the theme as well. Storm8 added a hat to it, as well as hair and a beard. So Storm8 went all out for this particular flytrap. Was more than happy to add it to my flytrap collection.

    Oh and the Collectible Converter, the Gnome Garden Hutch. It's beautiful and it's also a 3x3. It's sized just perfect. And bigger than most Collectible Converters.

    Nothing bad and nothing for me to critique or find issue with. I genuinely like this event. In fact, I have more positive to say about it. Most positive and happy I've been on the game in some time now. It's nice to have something to look forward on getting and play to get. A beautiful theme, which was/is executed well. Couldn't have been any better than what it was. And couldn't have had a better design team on it either. All around perfect.

    My final tally.

    x7 Friendly Flower Gnomie
    x4 Gnomie Garden
    x4 Mossy Gnomie Statue
    x4 Gnomie Flamingo
    x3 Gnomie Planter
    x3 Gnome Sign
    x3 Mushroom Gnomie
    x2 Gnomie Birdbath
    x2 Gnome Path
    x1 Spring Mr Gnome

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    Yes in every event there are going to be hard to get items, but you can buy the Boost Building and make that item.
    It usually goes on sale for half price.
    Less then 70 gems.
    Sending 14 trains can earn you 70 gems if you don't have the gems.
    Or you can buy them.
    I turned in over 50 collections because of the purchase of the Boost Building, and now I have this Boost item as a very nice decoration.
    There was some very nice decorations in this event.

    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    Old Judy does a happy dance!

    If you have troubles getting some of the event items...
    And you want a beautiful Gnome decoration after the event...
    Buy the Boost Building.
    The Gnomie Garden Hutch is on sale for half price.
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    I will be able to start turning in collections tomorrow.

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    I did get the boost item which I like very much. I really like gnomes and the items are all very cute. I finally got one gnome garden but unfortunately I did not win Mr Gnomie. I did win 4th place in LB and got the chicken skin, at least it’s pretty cute. I do wish there was a way we could get all the items because it’s a very disappointing feeling to keep trying and losing. Nobody wants to play a game that makes you feel bad… It’s one thing to realize you can’t get it and give up (like the LB) but the hope & crash of the luck based turns is a real turn off, just saying. Maybe if there was a limit to how many times you could win the same thing? Then move on to another, I’ve seen it done like that before in other games. I do find that if I don’t win the top prize early, I tend not to win it at all. My advice would be to just stop if you don’t get it early because using up all your gems will just encourage this kind of game of chance. The last few days, I just try and talk myself into no longer wanting the prize and I’m not so angry anymore

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