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Thread: BOX: Retro Kitchen Crate - 2023 Jan. 31

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    BOX: Retro Kitchen Crate - 2023 Jan. 31

    New Mystery Box and Goal

    On Sale for 28 Days

    Retro Kitchen Crate currently on sale at 16 Gems for 28 days. *Price raised to 24g after this time*

    Retro Crate Contents:
    Common (4th Prize, 54%):
    Retro Diner Sign (wall)
    Retro Mixer - 1x1
    Retro Soda Machine - 1x1

    Uncommon (3rd Prize, 35%):
    Roller Skating Waitress - 1x1
    Retro Appliances - 3x3

    Rare (2nd Prize, 10%):
    Sodahop Counter - 2x2
    Retro Car Dinner - 3x3

    Exceptional (1st Prize, 1%):
    Retro Diner Booth - _x_

    Back To The Kitchen - 28 Day Goal
    Have 1 Retro Diner Sign
    Have 1 Retro Mixer
    Have 1 Retro Soda Machine
    Have 1 Roller Skating Waitress
    Have 1 Retro Appliances
    Have 1 Sodahop Counter
    Have 1 Retro Car Dinner
    Have 1 Retro Diner Booth
    *Rewards: $1,000, 90 xp

    - Players must be Level 12 or higher to receive the Mystery Crate Goals.
    - Mystery Crate Goal is optional. Its purpose is simply to showcase the items contained within the related Mystery Box.
    - Opening the box via the goal book does NOT assure you a certain a prize. All crate purchases are RANDOM.
    - This goal will not impact your playing or your odds when purchasing the box.
    - It is not necessary to make your box purchases through the goal to have your prizes count in the goal.
    - The goal task will automatically check off the items as you randomly win them from the box.
    - Clicking 'Open' in the goalbook will simply take you to the current Mystery Box, it will not award a prize or deduct gems.
    - You will only be charged gems when you click on the Mystery Box in the Market as you do for all box purchases.

    Link to Master Box Guide for details on Mystery Boxes in general:

    Inventory/Market Cards:
    Spoiler: show
    *Will post as shared/won*

    *images of Sodahop & Retro Car Dinner courtesy of Kennedi_lynette*

    Decos on Display:
    Spoiler: show
    *Will post as shared/won*

    *images of Sodahop & Retro Car Dinner courtesy of Kennedi_lynette*


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    Second place prices are a 2x2 and 3x3

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