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Thread: Bakery Story: ADD ME / Jan-Mar 2023

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    Add me: aecasey1221

    Plays daily, will answer all request, check several times a day. Please send goal parts only, no food. Occasionally tip. Level 99

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    add me: harrisone14

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    add me please. I play daily, gift and send material requests.

    id: jaybugz1006

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    New Resident
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    May 2019
    Back from a hiatus and ready to start baking again!

    ID: pinnkbows

    Looking for active neighbors as well since most of mine are probably still on hiatus.

    I am an active neighbor who will (when not working or studying):
    ⭐️responds to requests
    ⭐️leave daily tips (if I haven?t tipped yet just leave a message on my wall!)
    ⭐️ will tip back as soon as possible
    ⭐️ help out as much as possible!

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    *Not accepting new neighbours for now. Thank you.*
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    Sep 2021
    I accept Requests daily and gift daily, I'll occasionally tip if I have the time (tough it's rarely but you also don't have to tip me that's fine)

    I'm looking for neighbors that don't send me food but send goal parts or basic parts instead and accept request, Thank you

    I accept anyone regardless of the level as long as you're accepting my request and sending me parts

    Id : MCPE

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    ID crayonpink2002

    I'm level 73. Daily player! 🙂🙂

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    ID: Tanatanababy

    level 99, daily player

    I do goals, so I prefer neighbors who gift goal or basic parts. No food preferred.

    I accept ALL neighbor requests

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    my id: nathanemartins
    I'm a level 99 player. looking for high level players.
    I also send gifts every day and goals parts.
    I don't leave tips

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    Jan 2016
    Chester, England
    Hi. I?m looking for Castle story players who can help out with challenges. Not bothered about gifts, visits etc it?s just those ?ask neighbours for?? requests that take so long☹️ I try to play every day. Thank you

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