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Thread: Bakery Story: ADD ME / Jan-Mar 2023

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    Heya! 🆔 royce62 I?m an active player, sometimes slow (probably off) on the weekends. I do silent tip but write on walls once in a while. Always do goals so please send me goal parts, otherwise other or basic parts (except oven element) would be appreciated. No foods or drinks, please. If I don?t send gift, it?s either maxed out or you?ve never gifted me, same as tipping. I do remove neighbors who are inactive to me and continuously sending wrong gifts. If you?re up to be my neighbor, you?re welcome to add me! ☺️💕

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    Just returned after a few years off.

    Add me: Kingyoung73
    Easy, chill DAILY player. I play for leisure.
    Leave your preference in my comments. I gift and/or tip fr there.
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    Add me: inversesin

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    Hello, please add me on bakery story and restaurant story if you only gift basic parts. I gift the same gift that you send as a request. Let me know on my wall you are from forums. Thank you!
    ID: jackwithoutac

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    i just started playing but if you want to add me
    then my
    id: buttsniffer69

    ill try to be active as much and also try to gift parts to people

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    ID: sleepybear164
    i?m a goal player, looking for neighbours who gift goal or basic parts and accept requests daily NO FOOD PLEASE!!
    no tips required i don?t tip you don?t have to either
    accepting everyone as long as you gift n accept requests, i?ll do the same

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    I am a level 99 long time player trying to get back into it. I took some time off when I had my baby but intend on playing again daily. Looks like most of my neighbors from when I last played are no longer active.

    I respond to gift requests daily, and will always return the gift you gave me. I only send goal parts.

    I don?t read walls, and I rarely tip unless I have time. If we sound like a good fit, please add me! Looking for active neighbors to gift and receive goal parts.

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    Heyo fellow bakers!!! OG player here lvl 99 started playing in '12 and quit for a bit but returned to the games (bakery and restaurant stories) now! Naturally, lost most of my original loyal neighbors so I'll need another solid reliable batch!

    IMPORTANT: I play for GOALS/PARTS/REQUESTS only, meaning I would like likeminded neighbors who do NOT gift food and I do not care for tips. Daily request responder and I will try and gift what you need (usually I'll return the same gift but you may specify on my wall if you need something specific--sorry I have an extremely busy schedule and cannot visit and check walls)

    If you play the same way, pls add ID: hellobunni (also play restaurant story if you have that too!)

    C: let's crush these goals!

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    Add me for goal parts. shellyclmc

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    Long-time player, level 99 & working on goals. Play for fun, not too serious. 3-4 star rating, but I silent tip. I send all requested items and gift based on goals (basics between goals). I do not keep a list of what people need individually on my wall. Would love some new friendly neighbors with cute bakeries to visit when time permits. Need help building ovens faster.
    ID- xKuikenx3
    (When I created my account like 10 years ago I didn't expect that to be how people found me. I know it isn't easy to remember 🤦🏼*♀️)

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