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Thread: Gifting, Coins, and Crashing

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    Gifting, Coins, and Crashing

    3 important issues in the game. 1.) You can not receive a replacement gift if you decline one, or if you decline more than one, you may receive one replacement but not the other 1 or 2. 2.) players are complaining they can no longer build coins. It seems they stay around the same amount or lose coins. Most say they have changed or bought nothing in an effort to try and save for expansions, but cant achieve their saving goal without skipping goals. And 3.) Android has been saying that there is a bug in both restaurant story and bakery, for over 3 years now. Android specifically, crashes a lot. As well, there have been issues with log ins on RS. If you had more than one account several years ago back, you can no longer log into the other account on iOS. This is still available on android. Several players have expressed their concern within the forum but have received little help.

    Hope someone will look into these things. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you are having issues with your account, please contact support. They are the only one who can do account services. They’ll be able to help with that.

    Additionally for the issue regarding coins, I would recommend cooking higher coin dishes to get more reward. You can see the prices and how much profit you gain in the cookbook menu.
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