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Thread: Fall Harvest County Fair

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    I thought the pickles dog was ugly but this one is even worse. Lol, please get a new creator!

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    I cannot delve into much of anything, though no reinstatement as of yet, if I will ever even receive one. As that much isn't clear to me one way or another.

    To be fair, 125 gems isn't too expensive of a loss. It would equal out to being 3-5 dollars or since I now have 4 show ponies, 2 weeks of collecting from them. Though at the same time, I feel deceptively out of these gems. And honestly, that's not how you should ever make any player (especially a paying player) of your game feel. Because that's how you start losing them. I have never experienced this on any other game I play. The prices are as shown, you pay for what you get. Nothing is changed or changes last minute on it. Or that you're charged a different in game currency on/for it. It just has never happened before.

    An issue like this one shouldn't have ever happened in the first place. I am not upset at the fact it costed gems, that's well and good. But when it initially showed a coin cost but actually was a gem cost just isn't good, to put it lightly. It was deceptive on their end, even if unintentionally. Technical issues happen but it should never affect the players wallet in game, whether that be gems (especially) or the coins too.

    Anyway, if I happen to not get a reinstatement, I will no longer be buying gems. Who's to say it won't happen again where it shows a coin cost but actually cost gems, and who's to say it won't be more than a 125 gem loss next time? I don't feel monetarily safe to be buying gems again if an issue can and has now happened like this, and then possibly not be reinstated for it. As if I knew from the start it actually costed gems, I wouldn't have bought it/into it.
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    The ticket booth boost is not giving extra points for the county fair like it suppose to. Please fix. This cost 125 gems

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    Quote Originally Posted by natwilljamez View Post
    The ticket booth boost is not giving extra points for the county fair like it suppose to. Please fix. This cost 125 gems
    If you haven't already, please send a ticket into support so that they can investigate. Thank you!
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