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Thread: GOAL: Snow Problem - 2022 Nov 23 (5 Days)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnirasSweets View Post
    I raise my previous statement from Weird to Super Weird!

    Sadly, the only option for a fix for something of this nature is to open a support ticket here. However, with it being a holiday weekend in the states, I would brace myself for the possibility of the team not being in the office until Monday.

    I'll be sure to keep my fingers crossed that someone from the team does see this so you can get this sorted and participate in the goal.
    Okay, I?ll do that then. Thank you!!

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    I?m begging please 🙏 four parts is hard enough in 5 days apart from having to have to get more appliances to make crazy amount of recipes. No matter how hard I?ve tried since it changed I can?t do it. Pleaseee it?s too difficult and I?m level 99 I can?t imagine if you don?t have max ovens

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    This is seriously the first time I don't make it. These receipes are to much. I have 23 hours to go and I just started the last part I had to build 4 new ovens besides the maingoal. This isnt doable anymore. Im losing more and more neighbors because of this new goalshedule. This is the final straw for me. I quit doing goals. This suppose to be fun. Not stressful.

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