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    I love this game with all my heart. But lately there have been so many problems and it's absolutely infuriating.

    There are noticeably more glitches, like appliances disappearing when you rotate them. An appliance I bought wouldn't cook anything for a solid 5 days after I bought it. When I clicked a recipe, it just exited out of the menu page. Now when I tried to start the goal that started today, I had to buy the wallpaper and floor tiles TWICE. My purchase didn't go through the first time, and I didn't get my coins back.

    As many others have said on here, the goal times are exhausting me. Games are supposed to be fun little escapes from the real world. Now we're constantly getting new 14-day goals thrown at us again and again, simultaneously with 5 day goals. Of course, no one's forcing me to do goals, but I do want most of the new things.

    They are producing too much, too fast. I know they probably want us to buy gems, but feeling forced to skip through a goal just to get to end sucks all the fun out of it. I wish they would slow down. Goals would be a lot more manageable and the game would feel more like, well, a game, instead of a boiling pot of soup where the chef keeps throwing things in until it overflows.

    Is anyone else having problems with glitches, or just me?

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    I totally agree. I?m a long time player as well and this game used to be fun. Now it?s feeling like a stressful 2nd full time job.
    I mostly miss to cook the food I want to see in my bakery and not what all the goals are requiring. I also don?t want to have that much food counters but more decorations, but I also don?t want to throw it away. Also gifting has become a nightmare since everyone needs other parts.
    Very frustrating and very unfortunate!

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    Thank you for your feedback. Your thread is being moved to the Suggestions and Feedback forum for visibility to S8.

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    Agreed. I have been playing for over 10 years. Took a break last year and just recently started playing again. Since coming back I haven?t been able to finish a goal yet. There are too many goals happening at once and we do not get enough time to finish them.

    It?s a game and supposed to be fun not overwhelming. The goal requirements are ridiculous considering the duration of the goals.

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