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Thread: Issue with new Halloween goal?.there is a bug

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    Issue with new Halloween goal?.there is a bug

    Every time I buy the 8 new walls and the 14 new floor tiles it resets itself and goes back to zero like I never bought them!! My ovens disappeared, it?s not letting me move forward with this goal!

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    Please post in bugs thread here until the issue is resolved

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    Same problem here. Came to the forum for this issue.

    Bought wallpaper and tiles TWICE and both times out of sinc. But lost my money both times and didnt get it back after restarting the app.

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    Yes there is! Very frustrating! I added the walls and floors and the game glitched and when it came back it said I had not purchased those items. However, they are in my inventory and my coins are gone. I closed down the game. Brought it back up. Still in my inventory and money still gone. I tried again. Now I have double of everything that was required, double money gone and still says I have not done the goal. I'd really like my cash back and for it to say I have completed the goal.

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    Same problem here, I have the tiles and wp out in my bakery but the oven doesnt unlock and the count resets to zero...i hope they give us more time once they fix this...

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    Same problem. I’m running out of coins and may not be able to do this goal if they fix this.

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    I have the same problem ): I bought all the wallpapers and they don’t appear in the goal ): what can I do?

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    I registered just to post about this. I don't even have anymore walls left to purchase wallpaper for at this point because I've covered the walls with the Gothic print.

    The only way to move beyond the first step now is to use gems and I'm not doing that just to get around a bug. It sucks, too, because Halloween is my favorite. ��

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    Me too! I now own 16 wallpapers and it still registers ZERO! I've been playing Bakery Story for about 10 years now, and I'm about fed up enough to quit. Between the constant barrage of new goals, the difficulty of obtaining the large number of oven parts, and stupid glitches, I don't see a lot of sense in continuing to play!

    Games are meant to be fun. This one has become STRESSFUL!

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    I am having same issue with new goal

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