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Thread: GOAL: Bewitching Baking - 2022 Oct 04 (14 Days)

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    I just bought 2x of 8 wallpapers and 14 tiles and its always throwing me out of the game. Your bakery is out of sync.
    I cannot unlock the oven

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    This glitch needs to be fixed ASAP. It has reset on me 3 times. I?m not going through a fourth time for it to reset again. And I want my coins back!
    BS- No longer accepting neighbors

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    I'm another with the wallpaper and flooring requirement glitch.

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    I bought the wallpaper and floor tiles but it didn't count for me either. On a happier note, the designs for both are very good.

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    New goal, new glitch? 🤦🏼*♀️

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    There's a bug thread for the issue here and I'll contact a mod with the info but it may take a bit as it doesn't look like any are online at the moment.

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    Bought twice so far

    I've bought the 14 floor tiles and 8 wallpapers twice and the game refreshes indicating I've bought none and won't let me progress. What's going on???

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    I?ve purchased the wallpaper and floor tiles plus the 2 ovens 2 times and it takes my coins, processes, then starts over as if I haven?t bought them. Help, Storm8!

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    Same here but what it did is charge me the coins for wall paper and tiles TWICE (because I tried twice until I realized what happened). I want my coins back!!!

    Given my time zone, I'll be unable to ask for parts until next reset and will waste precious requests that would have helped in the race to the finish. I don't think I will even bother this time. I have a life.

    I am so tired of these constant glitches. I don't understand how goals can be released without having been tested. Every time I felt like I would spend some real money on the game, the constant bugs stopped me. That was a very long time ago...

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    Mine registered for me long enough to get collectibles from the first oven then the oven disappeared and I went back to part one and the wallpapers I already bought are not showing up as bought

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