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Thread: Castle Story 9/16: Swirlyssa | optional gem only release

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    Castle Story 9/16: Swirlyssa | optional gem only release

    Goal Notes:
    * This goal was released on 16 September 2022 as one of Castle Stories 10th birthday gift. There was 3 days to purchase Swirlyssa for 250 gems in the market
    * If you purchase Swirlyssa, it will trigger these short goals
    * The purchase of Swirlyssa is completely optional as it requires gems to purchase
    * The last goal will reward you with 10 minutes of unlimited energy

    Note 1: there are 'rules' around unlimited energy which can be found in the Hub.

    Note 2: Energy that you had before activating unlimited energy will be available to you when the timer ends.

    Note 3: Energy gained from sources while unlimited energy is active does not add to your energy total after expiration. So, while you have the unlimited energy active, do not collect from other energy sources.

    Note 4: If you level up during this time, you will not receive the energy top up.
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