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Thread: Bakery Story: Add Me / Oct - Dec 2022

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    ID: xrainbowelmox

    Level 98 bakery which tip & gift daily unless otherwise stated on my wall. I do not participate in 14 day goals, ONLY 5 day goals. Preferred gifts stated on my wall & your wall, and updated regularly. Other days than 5 day goal period, please gift basic parts (fuse till wiring or oven element).

    DO NOT add me if you mass gift MAIN goal parts. x

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    Hi 😄

    ID bluecool321

    Level 99 player, looking for daily players.
    I mass 🎁 goal parts unless you comment on wall otherwise. I answer all requests and tip almost daily, so I prefer if you do the same. I never gift food and I don?t accept 0/1 star players.

    If you add or not, have a great day 🌸👋🏻

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    New Resident
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    Mar 2022
    my ID is saramue.
    I am at level 97 and a daily player. looking forward to being your neighbor !!

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