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Thread: Bakery Story: Add Me / Oct - Dec 2022

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    Nov 2022
    Hi everyone! I?m level 50, always accept material requests and gift (usually goal parts or food!) I try to maintain 3 stars so if you message me saying you?ve tipped, I always tip back!

    My ID is: dkm1203

    Thanks everyone ✨

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    Nov 2022
    ID: myto3
    level 19
    daily tips
    accept any gifts

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    id: lunalilalily
    level 45
    need neighbours for goal parts
    daily player and will always accept requests, i cant always tip but will if written on my wall 😊

    thank youu 💛🌙✨

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    I'd: harrisone14
    Level 32. Need neighbors. Daily player. Just enjoying it

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    Nov 2022
    🆔chachabochan & 🆔 mixlilly
    I am Level 99 goal player and looking for high level, long life players. Daily gifting, Goal or basic parts only, no food gift please. Basically No tipping but accept ur material request 100%!
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    Nov 2022
    EDIT: Currently not accepting any more neighbors, tba.

    Thank you, Happy Holidays ^^
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    Nov 2022
    Hi! My Bakerys name is K2 Bakery! I may not be level 99, but I do Tip & Gift daily (I am level 74)! I also play goals & read walls!
    Looking for neighbours that:
    -Are active players
    -Tip & gift daily (or when you can)
    -Read walls
    -Does not mass gift
    -3 to 4 stars

    If you are a player that fits those conditions, please add me!
    If you do add me, please post “Hi!” on my wall so I know you saw this!
    Thx for reading!

    / / / /
    ( > . < )
    / >< /
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    Add me: celiam2209

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    I am looking for neighbors who send goal parts and answer requests. I send goal parts/ requests daily. Dont need tips and dont have time to tip. I actually leave the tips on the tables until they disappear. If you are lucky enough to leave them , then I will tip back I don’t care if you’re a 0 or a 4, all are welcome. ID= Judgejudyfan

    Update: I send GOAL parts for 14 day goal only, if you need anything else please hit the request tab. Ty.
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    ID: bettyss98

    I play daily and visit without posting usually.
    I only send goal parts (I mass gift just one part) and I send them almost always at reset time.
    I need neighbors who also send goal parts and can accept part requests.
    If you don?t tip, that?s no problem.

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