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Thread: Bakery Story: Add Me / Oct - Dec 2022

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    Thank you for this post Paul

    I’m Heavenlytreats777
    Level 99
    I gift goal parts daily and basic parts between goals..I never gift food
    I am on the game multiple times throughout the day and answer all requests.

    Thank you so much, feel free to add me
    I don’t care if you tip but I do return all tips.

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    - im a level 99 player
    - mainly silent tips and gifts (unless gifts are full) daily
    - accepts gift requests frequently
    - may send oven element/cappuccino when there isnt any ongoing goal

    looking for neighbours who:
    - are goal players
    - please send goal parts (if possible) and accept goal requests
    - not tipping isnt t an issue for me

    basically im looking for fellow goal players T__T

    edit: thank you everyone for adding! i wont be adding anymore neighbours for now :-)
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    VampireBlade1 on BS & RS. Lvl 99. I do goals and looking for others who do too. Often a silent topper bc both games crash often for me lately 🥴

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    Hi, I?m looking for players that accepts part requests and sends gifts (whenever they can) I don?t really tip like that, but if you feel like this is the kinda neighbor you want then add me! My id on my bakery is lapetshop7

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    Farm Supplier
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    Jan 2015
    ID: ASbakerij ,
    I am level 99 and looking for high level players only.

    Daily gifting, Goal player, parts only please.
    NO FOOD !!

    No tipping, sorry.
    and can not write on the wall due too handproblem

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    Add me!! ID: elena42069

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    Closed 🙏
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    Hi, I?m looking for ACTIVE neighbours who will help with goals by gifting/ responding to requests.
    I silent tip daily (am 4* player but sometimes goes down to 3* because I have other university commitments) but if this suits you add me @ athenacole

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    Level 99 player, looking for other high level players. I gift goal parts daily and answer all requests for parts multiple times a day. I need parts for goals. I rarely tip and I don?t care if anyone tips me.

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    Level 74 -daily player- looking for the same- will answer requests and send goal parts or other gifts if requested- not overly analyzing others style of play and won?t delete those who can?t play everyday- pop in and say what?s up Storm ID : [FONT=Comic Sans MS]PrincessaNel real name- Janell ��

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