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Thread: Bakery Story: Add Me / Oct - Dec 2022

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    Bakery Story: Add Me / Oct - Dec 2022

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please. If you posted previously in this thread, and no longer want neighbors, you may edit your own post.

    Feel free to include any additional info (i.e. if you only want certain gifts, want people to tip you daily, etc) if you like.

    Information for new players:
    Check out Welcome to Bakery Story to get started. Happy Baking!
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    Rhino Keeper
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    Mar 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kimmy42. I am Level 99 and looking for high level players. Daily gifting, Goal player, parts only please. Thx. No tipping, sorry.

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    Level 99 daily player. Looking for players that will help with goals. ID: XF4ever

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    New Resident
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    May 2022
    Thank you for watching this.
    I am a level 99 hard player. Neighbor's conditions are level 99 hard players, not posting to my wall, and sending parts to each other. I refuse to meet this condition. ID 16bliss8

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    New Resident
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    Jan 2015
    I am a level 99 player. I don't have time to tip on the regular. I maybe tip once in a blue moon. I don't care if you tip me. All I care about is if you help with the goals/send goal parts.
    ID: xaledonia

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    Hiya! Level 88 ID TheLadyLaura I do silently tip but not daily but I check gift requests 2xdaily and ask you help with goals. Idc if you tip I just need them goallll parts!

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    AngelxOxBabiie - long-time level 99 player who checks in multiple times a day. I gift/request goal parts and do not leave tips regularly.

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    Id: Iamcupcakekenya
    level 99
    looking for high level players.
    Daily gifting
    goal player parts only please

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    I am a Level 99 daily player, checking gift requests multiple times.
    Looking for those who help with goals.
    If you send me goals parts, great; if not, answering gift requests will do.
    Thank you!!!
    ID: jamethyst11

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    hi o (>‿<✿)

    > tip + leave message daily (no silent tips pls)
    > answer requests several times a day
    > gifting/receiving goal parts + basic parts or cappuccino during non-goals
    > your ability to gift is not a big deal ? i?m only able to gift a couple times (if that) per week since reset is at 3am for me

    if you have a similar play style pls feel free to add me!

    >>> ID: angrychien <<<

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