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Thread: Restaurant Story: Add Me / Oct - Dec 2022

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    Restaurant Story: Add Me / Oct - Dec 2022

    Looking for active neighbors?

    Post your Storm8 ID here. Only one post per ID please. If you posted previously in this thread, and no longer want neighbors, you may edit your own post.

    Feel free to include any additional info (i.e. if you only want certain gifts, want people to tip you daily, etc) if you?d like.

    Information for new players:
    Check out the Restaurant Story guide to get started. Happy Cooking!
    Paul__ ~ Moderator

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Mar 2011
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    ID: kwong888 , I am level 99 and looking for high level players only. Daily gifting, Goal player, parts only please. Thx. No tipping, sorry.

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    Rhino Keeper
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    Aug 2013
    I have a list of neighbors and what each one requests daily. I play daily, play goals, tip and gift, as well as answer requests. If you’d like to be neighbors and will return the favor, reference this post and I’ll add.

    Players must post each visit, along with what they require as a gift, to my wall. It has long been an issue that players complain about the effort it takes to gift, without realizing that reading, gifting and tipping from your own wall, makes things go much smoother. …and quicker!

    Have a great day everyone!

    **** No Longer adding new neighbors ****
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    Level 99 daily player. Looking for players that will help with goals. ID: XF4ever

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    add me iamcupcakekenya

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    New Resident
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    May 2022
    Thank you for watching this. I am a level 99 hard player. Neighbor's conditions are level 99 hard players, not posting to my wall, and sending parts to each other. I refuse to meet this condition. ID 16bliss8

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    Please add SheriU

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    Oct 2022
    Add SoleB1996 Please

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    Jan 2015
    ID: ASbakerij ,
    I am level 99 and looking for high level players only.

    Daily gifting, Goal player, parts only please.
    NO FOOD !!

    No tipping, sorry.
    and can not write on the wall due too handproblem

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    Hi. Daily player, level 99. No tipping but I play the goals. Add me Ssarita.

    Edit: I also play bakery story.
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