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Thread: Add me for daily players who gift don't have to tip

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    Add me for daily players who gift don't have to tip

    Plz add keithy2507

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    Added, I play and gift daily (I only mass gift goal items or basics when there is no goal)...I silent tip also, but that's when I can and not every single day. ��

    Edit: I also play bakery story so added you there too.

    For anyone who wants to add me, my ID is tristebelle

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    Add chester711
    I play everyday and gift everyday! I don’t tip all the time ONLY ppl who write on my wall

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    just invited keithy, triste and chester 😊
    please add "rover_a" if you also send gift & respond to request daily, but don't mind no tipping, thanks all

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    I play daily. I send goal parts. I prefer goal parts. I don't have time to tip. I am looking for daily players who send gifts and answer requests. I don't care if you have 0 or 4 stars

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