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Thread: New FS Goal still has BUGS! (One Last Swim) Please read

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    New FS Goal still has BUGS! (One Last Swim) Please read

    So, since I already finished all the outfits in the game, I keep my boutique color coordinated. That means same couple of outfits throughout, EVENLY distributed on the racks and tables. Yesterday when I was putting the new outfits away, I noticed that the quantity on each rack was not EVEN regardless of what I did. I came back to the forums to see pictures of the outfits that some players posted on the thread where the bug was reported, then I opened my FS and realized that when they fixed the bug (items were expiring before time), they also INCREASED the amount of outfits we get per slot (see pictures) but the amount of coins was NOT INCREASED.

    So now, instead of getting 2 coins for each item that sells, we are getting cents and they are not registering in our total amount of coins!! I tested it on one of my accounts, I ordered only 1 item: Sunset Vests (nothing else in that boutique, only that one item), and so many customers came in to purchase, yet my coin total NEVER increased!

    Please someone look into this! I am spending so many hours ordering the new outfits, and putting them away and I am getting ZERO coins when they sell!


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    Hi ModaGenesis, thanks for flagging. I forwarded this to the team and it isn't a bug and is intended. Closing this thread.
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