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Thread: One last swim goal

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    Mine expired at 6 hours instead of 8 this keeps happening so I?ve given up doing the goal.

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    I put my bangles on at midnight, logged back in 06-30 and they have expired after 6.5 hours. I give up on this goal, after 3 attempts of doing the sunset bangles. Someone at S8 isn?t doing their job right.

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    So I?m doing the new goal and the sunset bangle takes 8 hours to make. But after 6 hours it expires? Is anyone else having this issue?

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    Thank you for reporting! I reported this over to the team. Also, I merged your thread with the already existing thread on this issue.
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    Same problem for me and another neighbor of mine. I have been playing Fashion Story for years and rarely have issues.
    P.S. The forum is showing me as new. I'm only new to the forum. Came here searching for answers.

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    Looks like the catalog is still not working properly. I think Storm8 needs to just give all players that started this goal the final mannequin prize. We have wasted our weekend trying to play when the goal was impossible to play. I think we deserve a reward for our frustrations. Thanks

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    Please fixed this one last swim goal my bangles and sunset goggles are expiring before time. 😩😩

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    I'm exhaling now.
    I'm just going to make the best of it until it's fixed. I'm just doing the vests to get the two gems. Nothing is going to get done until Monday.
    If the vests expire, oh well, this too shall pass. Happy Sunday everyone.

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    I’m not doing anymore of the goal unless they fix it. My goggles expired two hours early. I keep checking them and even tried to get them before they were ready, but they expired two hours early. Well I have other items to buy.

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    I m also facing the same problem....I placed order for the bangles thrice and they got expired everytime before time....can u guys fix this.... otherwise I won't be able to play this goal😟

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