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Thread: One last swim goal

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritWind00 View Post
    ... but the time of the crafts is intended and remains.
    That is a lamest "it's not a bug, it's a feature" excuse, since this "feature" effectively creates a FALSE advertisement. Each set has a time of craft listed BEFORE you even get to individual items. So, any time-difference past that point is either a bug, or is an intentional misleading of users (hence, false advertisement). And as multiple people pointed out, on Android you don't even get to see the actual times until AFTER you select the items. So, the best course of action would be a) to fix these goals, so the individual item timers match the advertised time on the sets, b) extend the time, so players can finish the goals, c) fix profit returns on these sets multiple users reported, and d) refund the gems any of the players might have spent to complete these goals due to them being setup incorrectly.
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    I think that I've figured out why I was gaining coins even though the items from the new catalog aren't. I had other items on display. They were blocked off and were not actually selling, but I was gaining coins just because they were there. I have since removed those and now I'm not earning any coins. S8 does strange things with their games. I also have a Bakery Story game and a Restaurant Story game. I have found that even if I'm no longer cooking and selling food and the door is blocked shut, I will still earn coins as long as I have tables and chairs on display. Go figure.

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