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Thread: GOAL: Meatier Showers

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    GOAL: Meatier Showers


    Part One

    Build 3 Starlight Grill (12 Telescope 28 Starlight Spatula)
    Serve 25 Star Bites (2 hr)

    Part Two

    Serve 10 UFO Snack (3hr)
    Buy 2 Shooting Stars

    Part Three

    Serve 15 Rocket Ship Sandwitch (5hr)
    One new floor deco

    Part Four

    Build 3 Starlight Oven (32 Star Map 40 Starlight Knob)
    Serve 30 Star-cuterie (2hr)

    Part Five

    Serve 25 Blast-Off Dogs (7hr)
    Buy 1 Star Statue (do The Milky Way to unlock)

    Price is some people looking in a telescope?


    Part One

    2 Lemon Lime Soda (2 days)
    15 Fruit Salad (15 min)
    15 Garden Salad (30 min)

    Part Two

    4 Lemon Lime Soda
    30 Fruit Salad
    30 Garden Salad

    Part Three

    6 Lemon Lime Soda
    60 Fruit Salad
    60 Garden Salad

    Price is Time Machine
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    side goal (part 2)
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    Thank You for the Info

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    So the side goal is 15 min and 30 min recipes together with a 2 day recipe? 🤔
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    Why don't 2nd cooker show up on here. What happened to viewing videos to speed up cooking?

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    It’s like the tortoise and the hare challenge- run, run, crawl!

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    2 days soda and under 1 hr salads for side goals ???

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    Re side goal I've got 4 drinks machines so I set 2 going then next day set the other 2 going. That way I'll have drinks ready every day after 2 days. Hopefully it will be a reasonable prize this time.
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