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Thread: Food should sell faster at higher levels!!

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    Food should sell faster at higher levels!!

    Please join my petition to increase the rate the food sells once you are over a certain level, maybe level 70s when all ovens are unlocked?!

    I know that while you are online food sells at the rate you have your bakery set up- based on how fast the bots get in and out. I am talking about the offline sales.

    OR? Allow us to sell food from counter instantly at discounted rate. Add the option instead of only clear the food or keep the food. There could be a limit, like one counter a day?

    I started a new bakery earlier this year after not playing for several years and I currently have over 900K plates of food. I want to renovate and need counters cleared that wont go with my design. I dont want to just ?waste? them but it takes SO LONG for them to sell.

    I even stopped baking except for the goal for the last week but then with another 5 day goal starting yesterday Im adding even more food when I?m trying to downsize. Feel like Ill never be able to sell enough unless I quit playing for 15-20 days based on my math. Shouldnt be this much excess food that I have to stop playing to sell it!!
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    It definitely seems like the food could sell faster. I typically don’t have that much of a surplus of food (except the watermelon cake thanks to the mini challenges), though. I’d really like the option to move food to different counters so we don’t have to wait for it to sell before remodeling.
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    I agree on a rate of food sales increase! I try to master all the recipes, which leaves me with a ton of extra food. The increased frequency of goals with new recipes adds to the issue. I don't do the side goals at all. I also like the idea of being able to sell food from a counter instantly at a discounted rate.

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    Thank you for your feedback. Moving this to the Bakery Story | Suggestions and Feedback forum.
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