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Thread: No Warning for Dragons Leaving?

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    No Warning for Dragons Leaving?

    Did anyone else notice that there was no warning for the dragons that were leaving this month??

    Normally, there is a countdown on the mine and pop ups that let you know when the arena dragon and mine dragon will be leaving. Neither of these things happened on my account this month, they were just gone from the craft shop without warning.

    I play casually, so I don?t know what date this normally happens and rely on those notices. It?s disappointing because I had the parts to craft both the mine dragon and arena dragon but had parts for the dragon tales event ready to collect from the craft shop on the off chance I could eventually breed the ?common? dragon.

    I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue/concern or if it was just me.

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    Not just you. I also had what I needed to get the mined dragon. Went there today and it was just gone. Very frustrating. I will run out of room on my island within the year which has always made me sad. But lately it just seems like a relief. I can be done with a game that really doesn't care about its players. The one thing I do know is that I will never get involved with another Storm 8 game.

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    I noticed it too
    I was only 4 badges away from getting the arena dragon so am really annoyed with that
    I have the slate dragon but had enough to craft a 2nd and was waiting to craft it to get more hatching points on leaderboard event, if we had got the warning as usual then I would have crafted it a few days ago

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    I also thought it was odd that there were no warnings. As a dedicated daily player, I knew that those dragons would be leaving, but I agree that they should have had a warning.

    Also, with there being a new designer, doesn't it seem like we should get some new body types for dragons? Or are there new bodies and I just haven't noticed?
    I've spent thousands of dollars on Storm8 games, but I'm still not valued by the company.

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    I often use the warning as a way to prepare for the next event. Hold before hatching or evolving. A bit frustrating as I expected another round of something. Maybe that person took holiday off.

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    Not only didn't they give warnings...but when leaderboard first started, the slate dragon was still in the mine but no ability to craft it anymore. I posted that in bugs, issues and it was fixed shortly after that.

    So something was missed with those 2 dragons.

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    This is only one of the many things wrong with this game. They run events every week and you would think after years of running these events they would have the game appropriately coded to reward you with the items you gain timely. However, this is never the case. If you complain to support it takes forever to get a response and the particular game say leaderboard is over before you get the item to should have received say the milestone for 750 or 3000. These two items give you points toward the leader board and every day that goes by without this fixed you are losing out on available points.

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    I had that for the last leaderboard event sadly
    I didn’t get the 1st point item and had to wait all weekend for them to put in on my account, I didn’t get any points added though

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    I didn’t quite have what I needed to craft the mine dragon, but could have easily finished when the timer started. So are we just supposed to mark our calendars now and hope we have it right?

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    I just realized I didn?t craft the crystalline dragon. That?s really terrible on Storm8?s part that they didn?t give us warning. I was literally right below 25,000 parts and would?ve easily had enough to craft it too. Really upset that they?ve done this.

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