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Thread: Slate dragon still active in the mine

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    Slate dragon still active in the mine

    The Slate dragon is still active in mine. But it is no longer in spell shop to craft. There never were pop ups that either the mine dragon or egg battle badge dragons were ending on July 5th.
    Can you please close mine and set up next dragon..i have large hours of points waiting in evolution chambers for leaderboard but cannot claim them until i can mine the bombs since i am at max 25 and would lose the new bombs.

    Can any mine points other players are getting now be converted to new dragon coming in?

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    I’m not seeing it. Can you try force closing and reopening your game?
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    I’m upset about this one because I didn’t finish mining and craft my dragon. I was close enough to finish had I realized it was about to go away. Are we not going to get the timers or pop ups any more to warn us when the event is ending?

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