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Thread: GOAL: Pick a Picnic Basket - 2022 June 28th (14 days)

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    At my age....playing this game is a brain strategy - a real challenge to start & finish, however the final goal prize is :-). Thank you for your superb explanation :-)
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    I know, lately S8 gives us so many curve balls, it cause so many veteran players quit coz they can't keep up. But it depends on how u respond, really.. did u see it as a challenge or not..

    For me, doing goal give me purpose to play. Something to look forward to. Either for new recipe (to earn gems) or to get new decor (but let's be real, there's no enough space to display all decor).

    Some player cook high XP recipe (coz they're aiming for level 100). Some mostly cook red velvet for the money, etc. Different player, different purpose.

    What I'm trying to say is, play however u want to play it. Whatever u comfortable with. U can do/skip goal or do goal just to get new recipe & not finish it. But it's good to have something to look forward to, right??

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    Unhappy Can?t finish any of these goals

    So I just checked in here to see what the next goal is. Now I?ve just seen that the picnic basket was a 14 day goal. I didn?t get 14 days I got 13.! I?m sure that living in the Southern Hemisphere the goals seem to open later and end sooner. I can never finish these goals, it?s sucking the life out of me trying to play every minute of the day while I?m working and sitting up half the night. It?s very depressing and I feel like giving up and deleting the game.

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