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Thread: Bakery Expansion Pop-up

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    Bakery Expansion Pop-up

    So for a couple days now I've been getting a pop-up every other time I open the app. It's basically telling me to expand my bakery. I've had a small bakery forever and always will (since it's easier to manage). So, I just click outside the box instead of buying. I don't wanna risk clicking on it and losing the gems I worked hard for since we know the app is notorious for not asking for confirmation before spending gems.

    So, to anyone who's clicked it before, what happened? Did you expand automatically or choose your expansion?

    As I said before, I don't plan on expanding my bakery anytime soon. However, I'm very curious to know where the pop-up leads to.

    So if you've seen it and clicked it, lemme know

    Insert pic for reference:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The popup is simply saying that there is an update that added a new maximum expansion. The new largest expansion size is now 38x40 (instead of 37x39).

    Clicking on the “Buy now” button will simply redirect you to the expansion tab of the market. No need to worry about your Bakery automatically expanding.
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    I hope there's going to be a few more expansions. I paid the 200 gems to expand as soon as I saw it. I'd love another 5 or 6 of them.

    Thanks S8
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    Is it just one expansion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikepastry View Post
    Is it just one expansion?
    The 38x40 was the only new expansion introduced.
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