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Thread: Game keep rebooting and deleting any progress i make.

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    Happened to me. I could do everything as long as I didn?t touch bingo, but if I tried any bingo it rolled back (IIRC)

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    Hi S8

    Unable to login despite deleting and reinstalling. Error message as shown ★

    Any pointers? Thank you!

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    I have the latest technology and haven?t been able to play Dragon Story for years. It still cuts out and I lose progress??- but always makes sure it takes my gold.

    I may take a break from Farm Story 2 also. Storm 8 is ignoring my concerns that neither of my Studios drop the last item needed. This time it?s a pig sticker. I have the covered wagon, and if I do get to make a pig sticker and complete the collection, I get the same prize over and over. What a bummer. This has been goin on since 2019. It?s a shame because I really enjoy the game after a stressful day.

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    the best part of rollbacks is that you never have a rollback when you accidentally spend the gold you didn't want to pay because of one of their gold traps. You end up losing the gold and even if you close/quit the game immediately the gold is gone forever. However, you make progress in a game or collect a bunch of points from harvesting or hatching or whatnot the total goes up briefly, and then you are hit with the rollback. Most of the games are short and dealing with support is not a valid option when you are losing valuable game time.

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    Seems like a bad day for deleting progress. Two different devices, across multiple WiFi and mobile connections, and 2 different account logins. The only constant is S8 servers and DS.

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