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Thread: does NOT mastering limited dish affect me getting character of the cruise?

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    does NOT mastering limited dish affect me getting character of the cruise?

    i completed the cruise monday( or tue? depending on timezone), however, i am not seeing the character.
    just today i realize the "tap on fisherman" goal wasn't completed that i realized i was not getting the character...

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    if you completed all 10 days of cruise, you should get the fisherman, even if you didn?t master the 3 limited time recipes (i?ve been giving up on those requiring like gold stamps or vanillas as it?s just simply impossible).

    for me, sometimes the character doesn?t show up in the first group of customers. so when i?m done clicking the first ?group? of special characters, i go visit a random neighbor, then come back to my restaurant, and continue clicking on this 2nd/new set of customers that are now visiting.
    sometimes i have to repeat this a few times before i see fisherman, but he will show eventually.

    hope this helps

    p.s. i think you also might need to wait a few hours before the fisherman will show again after you click on it. if you?re short on time trying to unlock the gem recipe before the event ends, i think it?ll be well worth it spending 1 gem for each special ingredient and a few helping hands to finish the dish right away.

    side note: yes, i?m about to give up on this game given the crazy ingredient requirements for the cruise dishes?the only thing keeping me around is nostalgia having played this game for years??

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