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Thread: Cowboy Shuffle Event - 2022 June 22

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    The studio is being mean to me, as well. I took the advice of a previous poster and used a cowbell to get a studio boost, so keeping my fingers crossed.

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    Same.. I have used a studio booster twice already and still have barely gotten any drops. Think I'm done with this event. Good luck to you though!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Maisie1152 View Post
    The studio is being mean to me, as well. I took the advice of a previous poster and used a cowbell to get a studio boost, so keeping my fingers crossed.

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    It would be very interesting if Storm administrators were willing to share the formula for the random drop calculation. I?ve taken a fair number of statistics courses and would love to see it. I am guessing they don?t really want us to know. 🙂

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    Quote Originally Posted by judyandthecat View Post
    How ? possible that after more? of 40 products taken from the study did not even receive a sticker ?? I find it absurd ... from the other collections I have a number of stickers greater than 5 pieces ... does anyone else have the same difficulty as me ??? I play with an Android phone ...? is this the problem? The same one that precludes me from other privileges (which other systems have instead)?

    It is a random drop.
    Higher Levels is the Studio.
    Lower Levels is the Deep Fryer.
    It doesn't matter whether you play on an android or Apple it is a random drop.
    Make the item that takes the least amount of time.
    Good Luck and I hope you start getting stickers.
    Some players buy the boost building.
    The Covered Wagon lets you convert other event items into the one you need.
    Grazie mille per avermi risposto....purtroppo il gioco continua ad ignorarmi..niente adesivi dagli studi!! Rinuncio!!
    Buon gioco.

    Translation added by Judy:
    Thank you so much for answering me .... unfortunately the game continues to ignore me .. no stickers from the studios !! I give up !! Good game.
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    There is a boost building for sale.
    This enables you to make any event item that is hard to get.
    The building is like 83 gems ...not that much money to get the event items you need.
    For five turn ins you are assured a pet.
    So basically for the cost of 83 gems for the Covered Wagon - boost building - you get a pet.

    At the end of the event you have the boost item as a decoration.
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    Ugh I am so disappointed. 21 turn-ins and no Cowgirl. I bought gems, the value pack and got the covered wagon, plus used flags for studio boosts and still nothing. I'm running out of time to make all the parts to make more chicks, cows, and pigs in the wagon. I've done everything to complete this event. I know you can't win every event but this is really frustrating after doing all that I can to lose due to a chance. I may start skipping these type events as they're almost impossible to win.

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    Although I would have liked to have the cowgirl, I have to say the cowboy looks pretty cute strutting around the forest-sized crops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExcalS8 View Post
    I did confirm that the Studios are dropping Pig Stickers, although they're relatively rare.

    Funny you mention this because originally it was larger, roughly building-sized, but Cowboys and Cowgirls would disappear behind it and it became too easy to forget about them.
    Oh I see!!! Must say I do love them both anyway.

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    Yeeeehaw! I roped me a cowgirl! Got?er on my 11 collection. Devil?s luck to anyone else still trying. She?s out there waitin? for ya!

    This is an awesome new ?pet? type to have, and a good use for all the bacon we collect on these leaderboard events. Less churning out gallons of stew.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tsumtsum27 View Post
    Has anyone get the ox already ? Is it a real pet ? Where it lives ?
    I got the Ox. It?s just a decoration. 1 square but the Ox itself is about the size of the cows. It?s near my saloon near my fishing pond if u want to see it.

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