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Thread: My game zoomed out

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    My game zoomed out

    My game zoomed out -- all objects are noticeably smaller than they used to be, and I cannot unpinch the display to zoom in. Has anyone else experienced this? it happened today.

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    Are you on iOS? I’m having issues this AM since they did an update. All of my drops are so incredibly small, I can barely see them.

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    Yes I am on iOS

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    Same here, I am also on ios

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    Sorry to hear you're having issues zooming in after the update . Can you please submit a ticket through the request form with a recording of this issue so we can look into this?
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    Please post all issues relating to the iOS Update 2.3.4 in the current active sticky thread here:

    For logging in issues, use this active sticky thread here:

    You should log a ticket with Support and provide as much information as you can about what happened and what you've tried to resolve it.

    Closing duplicate thread.

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