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Thread: Switching accounts problem?

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    Unhappy Switching accounts problem?

    Ok, so it's been over a year now since I have not been able to switch between my android and iOS version of the game. Used to be able to before that with no issues. It was nice keeping everything on one iOS device. Anyone else have this issue? I tried Storm8, but they weren't much help. I even sent them game logs to try n figure it out. Was just curious if anyone else with this issue has been able to figure out a solution? No, logging out of Game Center doesn't work anymore for me either. It just recognizes my one game, no matter what I try! Thanks!

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    I have this problem also. Last August someone logged into Game Center on my iPad and since then I can only play on either my iPad or my phone. If I play on my iPad somehow Restaurant Story thinks I am logged into Game Center when I am not and Game Center thinks I am not and I can no longer play on my Android phone. I need Support to restore my game to my Android, then I can play on it until I play on my iPad. Then I can’t play on Android until Support restores my game again. Support has given me instructions to switch between devices, but it doesn’t work and I can’t get answers to questions on the instructions. After 4-6 weeks of working with Support to play on both I gave up. If someone has a solution I would be happy to try it.

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    This post is old, but been wondering this myself. For a while, was able to log in to the two different accounts I had, on one device, now, I can’t. Lost the second account since it was created on the same device when I first bought it. Lucky I was logged in to the first account when this happened or I would have lost my main account! Kind of stinks since I had invested money in both. You can log in to a different account on Bakery, but I never created a second one there.

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    I wonder too, my other account won’t let me play the correct restaurant story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skymoondragon View Post
    I wonder too, my other account won’t log me play the correct restaurant story.
    If one of your accounts is linked to an iOS device, you'll likely need to submit a Support Ticket and ask the team to disconnect your game from iOS Game Center.

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