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Thread: Letter to Storm8 re: Connection Issues

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    Letter to Storm8 re: Connection Issues

    Storm8 please give an open detailed update of what is happening in regards to the connection issue.
    By Australian law you are required to provide information related to the access of digital purchases.
    If you cannot provide any specific timeframe on a resolution, it suggests that you have zero intention of repairing the issue.
    If we cannot access our digital purchases - you are essentially selling faulty/damaged products.

    There has been very little communication in regards to connectivity issues for our games, despite the issues occurring for 6months.

    Unless there is more detailed communication, players will be entitled to a ENTIRE refund of money put into the game.
    Being told that Storm8 is aware of the issue and that we should patiently wait for a fix ISN’T providing any details on a resolution.

    Personally it has been over two weeks (14days) since I’ve been able to access the game.
    Despite constantly and repeatedly trying, I couldn’t connect even once.
    I’m a daily player (for over 8years) and a regular purchaser of in-game items/gems.

    If this request for more information is ignored, I will be reporting the company to the ACCC for investigation.

    Looking forward to hearing back.

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    You may continue the discussion on the existing thread on connection issues. Please review our forum rules to ensure that you're compliant with our community requirements for creating threads and posting content. Thank you!

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    To address your concerns, our development team has been communicating personally on the connectivity issue in direct responses to player concerns on the App Store. You can visit Castle Story in the App Store and sort by most recent to view the communications. Our team has been working hard on resolving this as soon as possible, but unfortunately we've experienced some challenges with resources and as mentioned in the developer response, some illnesses among critical team members.

    The health of our team members are a top priority and it wouldn't be prudent to offer a specific timeline but we'd like to solve this as soon as possible, of course. We appreciate the patience of our community. We encourage you to enable automatic app updates or periodically check for updates in the App Store so you'll be able to update when it's ready. Our teams are working hard to resolve this. Thank you for your patience!

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