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Thread: Would rather have this game fix instead of a free gift

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    Would rather have this game fix instead of a free gift

    This game interface is so touchy that it is very easy to touch something basic twice and lose GEMS as a result.

    I am estimating that I have lost over 4000 gems as a result. This makes it impossible to SAVE up gems for a really good BUILDING that I could use as a resource.

    The game used to have ways to earn more gems through watching videos or other methods ---- but those days are long gone. The last time that this happened ... I lose 30 gems and quit playing for a month. Happened yesterday and I lost 15 gems .... and they all might be helpful with this event.

    It's very simple ---- ANYTIME someone bumps anything onboard that would use GEMS --- popup window asking ARE YOU SURE?

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    Thanks for the feedback! I went ahead and moved your suggestion to the Suggestions & Feedback sub-forum for better visibility.
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