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Thread: Inventory Suggestion

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    Inventory Suggestion

    We've asked for better organization of our inventory and the ability to sell all the various items needed for past storylines that can no longer be used. Our inventories are overflowing with useless items that can't be used. That would release LOADS of space and make it easier to find things in our inventory we want to put out.

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    Thanks for the suggestion! I went ahead and moved your post to the Suggestions & Feedback sub-forum.
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    Along this same vein, if we could make use of more than just the 'decorations' and 'materials' tabs that exist in inventory it would be great. Maybe have a toggle for the 'special'. All current (or even current and past) weekly goal special items could be listed here. I went to check to make sure i had the parts i need for my final upgrade later today and had to scroll for quite a while! Thinking toggle on the 'special' in case we want to see special materials or special decorations or decorations but not special.

    Some items continue to drop useful items, maybe these could be categorized as both special and regular? But all least all the materials that you can't do anything with would be gone.

    The 'consumable' tab isn't used either. Instead, what if we have decorations split into Decor and Resource?
    Decor would be items that are decoration only. I personally have no use for anything that is a stored 'no drops' item, if I liked it enough I left it on my board so filtering them out would be super beneficial.

    Or maybe a 'Royal Points' button that we don't have to figure out if something adds royal points (just how many!).

    If weekly quest items dropped into decor only, we could have 'materials' 'buildings' 'resources' 'decor' 'royal points' and it seems like a great use.

    It just seems that the capabilities are already in place, they just need to be utilized.

    I've often wished I could load my account on my computer to just be able to search my board or my inventory to see if I had a specific item or where it was on my board!

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    Maybe if I could get rid of all the stuff in my inventory that i no longer need or want, maybe my game would actually load! If I could sell my items without having to put them on my board one at a time, that would be awesome!!! I need a week or so to clean up my inventory 🤪

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