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Thread: Castle Story: General Suggestion thread

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    Lightbulb Castle Story: General Suggestion thread

    Is there an item or building or decoration or feature you would like added to the game?

    Reminder: feedback must follow the forum posting rules.

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    Would like to see the rewards for events in line with the effort needed to complete the event. This community event has no incentive to complete the tea party to level 10. That is disappointing.

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    an option in our inventory to delete items from past events such as unused worms and things that cannot be placed on the board would be nice.

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    A side goal in all events where the reward is to have a free single level upgrade to any of the events buildings (at any level)

    And considering most events nowadays requires Gems to be spent, there should be more Gem rewards

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    - the option to store some of the buildings we can't currently store
    - improved tab usage in inventory
    - increase level from 50 with increased energy cap
    - if we are not going to get expansions, then create a type of building, 3x3 footprint only , we can buy / build that allows to have a number of similar type buildings stored but available in there to be used, e.g. Somewhere we can put all our mines, or all the elven items (outpost, reliquary, apothecary) etc, freeing up some of our precious space.
    - some new adventures or trades that use items we collect that currently aren't used for much
    - some different items we can gift. I think (?) during events previously we could gift event items so that would be good too
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    The love shack

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    A search button for the inventory,type in item your looking for i.e. Pond & it takes you to the item. As it now you have to go through numerous pages until you find what you are looking for.

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    How about a rune exchange: we could call it the elven trading shop, and it could be a 2x2 building. We could trade a certain number of runes for another type of rune. For example trade 20 bronze for a silver, or 10 silver for a gold. It would be nice to have it work in reverse as well, so you could "make change" and break a silver for 20 bronze.
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    --gem spend confirmation
    --new adventures and new trades in the exchange
    --working tabs in inventory (the search feature is an awesome idea!!)

    --go back to having prize and event buildings with actual drops (other than coins) maybe even a chance of gems!
    --Love Shack (this is a win/win. S8 could make money selling the building and alicorn parts, and many players would be happy to spend to have it!)

    Decorations: Honestly, we have plenty of deco but no room to display it.
    --the ability to 'stack' deco. For example, placing pets and carriages on pathways, and placing paths under gates. Placing plants, trees on the unused squares from building footprints.

    General wish list:
    --Back to the Story please!!!!
    --expansions (let's head down to the glass encasement)
    --barons tent updates
    --fortune teller updates
    --bring back the monster hunts
    --more equitable trades with the elves
    --that S8 will actually listen to our requests and fill some of them.

    I've already seen some wonderful ideas listed, and I'm sure there will be many more. I'm sure I'll think of others I'd like to see! Lol Mostly I hope to see some of them incorporated (or brought back!) into the game.
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    Go to the crown and if u are no longer doing the story line please just tell us that! :/
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