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  • I completed the goals, and the rebalanced requirements posed no issue

    4 5.06%
  • I completed the goals, no gems spent, but rebalanced requirements made it harder to complete

    12 15.19%
  • I completed the goals, but had to spend gems to complete some steps due to rebalanced requirements

    8 10.13%
  • I was not able to complete the goals due to the rebalanced requirements

    25 31.65%
  • I was not able to complete the goals, but was not planning to anyway (only until a certain step)

    1 1.27%
  • I did not participate in this goal due to the rebalanced requirements

    3 3.80%
  • I did not participate in this goal due to other reasons

    1 1.27%
  • I completed both the side goal and the main goal

    10 12.66%
  • I completed the side goal, but not the main goal (due to rebalanced requirements)

    15 18.99%
  • I completed the side goal, but not the main goal (because the side goal was my bigger focus)

    1 1.27%
  • I did not complete the side goal or the main goal

    13 16.46%
  • I would like the rebalanced requirements to apply to future goals

    3 3.80%
  • I would NOT like the rebalanced requirements to be applied to future goals

    66 83.54%
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Thread: GOAL: Better Breakfast - 2022 May 19 (14 Days)

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    It’s also 3 hours, not 4 as before.

    Cost, serving sizes, etc for the first two recipes were changed to match Bakery Story. So may see the 10 hr recipe go from 12 cooks to 40.

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    the quantity is lowered from 25 to 15

    Click image for larger version. 

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    quantity increased from 15 to 30

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiffanysong128 View Post
    FYI the servings requirement of the recipe #2 (Main goal 3) is 10, not 20.
    I think they just recently changed that

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    RS is not BS, and I liked it more for exactly that reason. You're trying to make them exactly the same. The new cost on food is ridiculous. And I just have a very bad feeling of what you did with the quantities on the second goal machine. I can feel it coming. Sometimes things are okay with the way they are S8. We don't need two duplicate games

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    Part 3, main goal "Mix it Up" only requires 10 Banana Pancakes, not 20 as expected. Cast Iron Skillet wall deco remains the same.

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    Oh come on storm8:
    Second oven, we need to cook and serve 30 eggs and bacon! & no doubt, they're be a 5 day goal into it.. Ugh!!

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    So is the prize the 2 chefs above? I hate that I don't know ahead of time if I want to try really hard to MAYBE get the prize or if I just have fun & unlock all recipes. I absolutely HATE the changes to RS that makes it like BS. I was still going to play RS but if I can never win a goal, they took that too. I've spent real money on both games & this makes me sick.

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    Thank you all for your feedback! We will be taking this into consideration when re-balancing events going forward.

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    These new requirement increases are absolutely awful. These changes are ruining the game. The goals might be optional but they?re basically the only reason to even play the game in the first place and they?re not fun anymore. They are stressful. I think for the first time in almost a decade I won?t be able to finish a goal because of all of these increases. It?s all unnecessary and makes me think about dropping the game all together if it continues ☹️

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