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I finished the objective with two days to go. I made 3 appliances from the 1⁰ oven and 4 appliances from the 2⁰ oven. It's possible, if you want to. It's still easy
I finished it with four days to go. It IS easy and possible UNDER some circumstances, for example: ability to get food out of ovens before it's spoiled (which is inconvenient when it's clashed with work/sleep schedules esp. those 2hours ones) and having neighbors who responded to your requests and give gifts on reset/ASAP before you're maxed out (I gotta decline some gift bc lots of ppl keep sending me 1st oven parts when I'm done building them and waiiiiiiit for another person to gift me so much later for what I actually need).
Those overlapping goals are even harder because you have to do so many things at the same time, all ovens out and different finish times for each recipe. ALSO PEOPLE USING ANDROID STILL HAVING TROUBLE WITH NOT GETTING NOTIFICATIONS WHEN THEIR FOODS DONE.

It's NOT about the possibility to finish the goal, it's about making it harder than it was when they can just keep it the same way and make improvements in any other aspects like sales, presentations, variety in recipes and ovens, but nah they gotta make it like a chore for people and not just a game anymore. Why???????? Literally nobody I know asking for harder goals, tighter schedules and stuff. We are asking for something else entirely.

Not everyone could keep up with the changes and based on these comments (been for a while now) there are many, MANY of us are on their last thread. Even with some days to spare in between goals, I feel like it's not fun anymore, let alone for those having to keep up with much more stuff to do in life.

Storm8 better be listening this time around.